President-Elect Election Results

Congratulations to the next President of NWKE: Heidi McIlroy!
Heidi McIlroy, OAKE Western II Regional Representative, former NWKE secretary, NWKE President Elect 2018-2019; President 2019-2021; Past President 2021-2022
Heidi: I am thrilled to be the next NWKE president. I served on the NWKE board as secretary from 2012-2014. In 2015, I started my term as Western Division Representative for the National OAKE board. During this time, I was pleased to see how well regarded and strong the NWKE chapter is on the national level. My goals as president are to continue serving our members and building on the momentum that’s been created over the last five years. I would like to work on continuing to expand our membership and work closely with the Levels program to encourage members to take and complete their levels. I would also like to support young teachers and bring them to the Kodály fold with a focus on student teachers and college students. “Only the best is good enough for a child” has always been one of my favorite Kodály quotes and I want to pass that on to the next generation of teachers so that our next generation of students grow up with the best music education possible.

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