DOCUMENTARY RELEASED – Kodály Belongs to Us All 

unnamed.jpgIt’s amazing that Zoltán Kodály’s lasting impact was not so much on the concert stage as in classrooms in Hungary and around the world, as well as in scholarly understanding of folk song. The Hungarian composer’s lifelong dedication to collecting, analyzing and publishing folk songs, often with his great friend and fellow composer Béla Bartók, was unprecedented. Kodály’s studies shaped his own musical language and paved the way for integrating folk music into Hungarian art music. Passionate about musical literacy, Kodály saw singing as the ideal way to educate children about music. He established a system, developed by his followers, using relative sol-fa, hand signs, and named rhythmic patterns. The global spread of the Kodály Concept is now memorialized in this just released documentary film.  
The film can be found at:
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